Mid-November Mystery Trek Cancelled

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the walk for today is cancelled.

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Our download10th Season is here!!!  Don’t forget to register.  Walking logs and group walk schedules are available at Borough Hall and on the website.  You may register at Borough Hall or email walksaintclair@gmail.com.  If registering via email please provide your contact information.

Our opening walk will be held Saturday, April 21st beginning at 11:00 am at the Historical Society at 24 N. Nichols St.

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downloadWe are proud to announce that our 10th Walk Saint Clair! Season will be beginning soon.  We have a lot of great walks planned for this year to celebrate our milestone.

Registration for the season will begin on Monday, April 2nd.  Walking logs and group walk schedules will be available on April 2nd at Borough Hall, on the website, or by calling 570-429-1161.

All walks are open to the public.  You do not need to be a resident of St. Clair to attend the group walks or participate in the season.

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Welcome to our newly redesigned Walk Saint Clair! website.  We hope you enjoy it.  Here’s some little tidbits about some of our pages.

Calendar of Events Page – This page lists are events and at the bottom is a list of our group walk mileage for those that are keeping track.  There is also a link to a PDF of our events if you would like one to hang on your fridge.

Walking Log Page – This page has a link to our walking log in PDF form that we use and also some info about our season.

Walking Paths Page – This page has some presigned paths we designed in case you don’t get to join us on our walks and want to take one of them on your own.  We will be adding more soon.

Photo Gallery Page  –  We have had many walks through the years and this is just a small sampling of some of our walks.  Check back for more pictures and jump over to our Facebook page for some videos of our walks.




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Walking in the summer weather can be a wonderful experience.  The flowers are in bloom, gardens are flourishing, birds are chirping, the grass is green……..  But precautions still need to be taken when walking during the hotter days of summer.  Even those in the best of shape can be effected by the heat.  The following link gives some great strategies for walking in the heat and staying safe.  Everything from staying hydrated to picking the cooler times of the day to walk.  Remember to keep walking, but play it safe. 


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