Join us for our first walk of the 2023 Season on Sunday, May 7th beginning at 11:00 am at the Saint Clair Community and Historical Society.

We currently have our Spring/Summer walking schedule posted on the 2023 Calendar of Events Page and will publish our Late Summer/Fall schedule in late August.

Please note the schedule is subject to change based on weather or extenuating circumstances, so please check back for potential schedule changes. Note that the walks are open to the general public. Feel free to join us even if you live in another town.

To receive email updates, send an email to to get put on our email list. We keep your information private and only send out changes in walking events and reminders.

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An updated list of group walks for the Fall is now available. More dates for November to be announced. Visit the 2022 Calendar of Events page for details. A link to the most recent PDF of the schedule is also available.

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MORNING WALKS will begin September 14th. Grab your coffee, tea, or water and check out our upcoming morning wakeup walks starting in September. Details will be posted soon on the calendar of events page.

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Thank you again for all those that ventured out for our first Find a Walk Saint Clair! Rock Contest!  Meet our trio prize pickers.  Roland, Borough Secretary and Committee Member, joined us for the drawing along with Mike Piontkowski and Bim Aungst, who have both been joining our walks for the past 2 years.  We were fortunate to have prizes for everyone and they picked names from a bowl to see what everyone had in store for them.  On top of the prizes, those that found rocks are able to keep them or spread them around town should they choose for others to rehide or keep.

The winners are…..

  • Giorgio’s Pizza Restaurant gift certificate  –  Lane
  • TNT Deli gift certificate  –  Mary Alice
  • A Few of My Favorite Things gift certificate  –  Nichole Sonoski’s niece
  • Wooden Keg gift certificate  –  Lily
  • Region gift certificate #1  –  Mary Opolsky’s grandson
  • Region gift certificate #2  –  Anthony
  • Region design your own burger to be named after you  –  Heather Lackie, by the way Heather was the first one to post she found a rock.
  • Healthy Habits surprise bag #1  –  Emma
  • Healthy Habits surprise bag #2  –  Kathryn
  • Walk Saint Clair! Committee #1 gift certificate to Philly Pretzel  –  Austin
  • Walk Saint Clair! Committee #2 gift certificate to Dunkin Donuts  –  Trinity

We will be in touch with all winners this week so you may receive your prizes.

A grand thank you to all of these businesses that helped us out with prizes.  Your generosity is much appreciated.  Thank you to Saint Clair School District for helping to spread the word.  Thank you also for those that enjoyed the contest and helped to share on Facebook.  You all were such an amazing help

Thanks also to Elizabeth Davis for your time and efforts designing the rocks.


And where is the Pacman ghost and the bee?????  lol!

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Find a Walk Saint Clair! Rock Contest Drawing is Tonight!!!


We hope everyone that participated in our first find a rock contest had fun.  We certainly did.

This evening after our group walk we will hold the drawing for the winners of some great items from:

  • Giorio’s Pizza
  • TNT Deli
  • A Few of My Favorite Things
  • The Wooden Keg
  • Region
  • Healthy Habits Natural Market
  • The Walk Saint Clair! Committee also has a few treats

Stay tuned.


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8 out of 15 rocks have been found!  Good job to all who came across our rocks during their walking journeys.  All will be entered into a drawing to win prizes from the following businesses:

  • Giorgio’s Pizza
  • A Few of My Favorite Things
  • TNT Deli
  • Region
  • The Wooden Keg Tavern
  • Healthy Habits Natural Market

There’s still plenty of time to find more rocks with WSC on them.  Remember if you know a friend who may have found one, tell them about the contest.  If you aren’t tech savvy, give us a call (570-429-1161) and we’ll help out.   Don’t forget to check out the post of the contest rules   Happy Hunting!

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Beginning Thursday, August 1st through Thursday, August 15th, find 1 of 15 Walk Saint Clair! rocks and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win gift certificates from some local establishments and other prizes.  (Prize details to be posted soon).

RULES:  (Please note the requirements in bold for #2)

  1. The contest is open to all ages.
  2. When you find a rock with WSC on it, take a selfie with the rock and post it on our Facebook page, or if you’re not on Facebook send it to  Along with the selfie tell us the number on the back of the rock and a little about your journey to find the rock.  For example:  Did you run into friends along the way?  Where did you walk?  Did you notice anything that stood out to you (birds, trees, flowers, etc.)?
  3. Only 1 entry per person.
  4. The same rock cannot be used for multiple entries.
  5. The contest will run until Thursday, August 15th or until all the rocks are found, whichever comes first.
  6. You may keep the rock you found or feel free to place it around town beginning August 16th.
  7. Winners will be drawn randomly (aka drawn out of a hat, bag or a bowl, whichever is handy) on Monday, August 19th and will be contacted via Facebook, email, or phone.  Winners will also be posted on the website and Facebook page.
  8. Walk Saint Clair! Committee members and immediate family are not eligible for prizes.

For any further questions, please feel free to email, message us on Facebook, or call 570-429-1161.

Check back frequently to see which rocks were found.


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Join us August 1st for our Find a Walk Saint Clair! Rock contest.  Check back late July for details.  66897750_404353930288189_3570902394772389888_n

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Our 11th Season is gearing up.  Group walks and walking logs will be posted on the website and available at Borough Hall on Monday, April 15th.  If you would like to register for the complete season to receive updates, you may do so at Borough Hall, via email at, or call 570-429-1161.

Our first group walk of the season is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th beginning at 11 am at St. Clair Community and Historical Society.

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Welcome to our newly redesigned Walk Saint Clair! website.  We hope you enjoy it.  Here’s some little tidbits about some of our pages.

Calendar of Events Page – This page lists are events and at the bottom is a list of our group walk mileage for those that are keeping track.  There is also a link to a PDF of our events if you would like one to hang on your fridge.

Walking Log Page – This page has a link to our walking log in PDF form that we use and also some info about our season.

Walking Paths Page – This page has some presigned paths we designed in case you don’t get to join us on our walks and want to take one of them on your own.  We will be adding more soon.

Photo Gallery Page  –  We have had many walks through the years and this is just a small sampling of some of our walks.  Check back for more pictures and jump over to our Facebook page for some videos of our walks.




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