Thank you again for all those that ventured out for our first Find a Walk Saint Clair! Rock Contest!  Meet our trio prize pickers.  Roland, Borough Secretary and Committee Member, joined us for the drawing along with Mike Piontkowski and Bim Aungst, who have both been joining our walks for the past 2 years.  We were fortunate to have prizes for everyone and they picked names from a bowl to see what everyone had in store for them.  On top of the prizes, those that found rocks are able to keep them or spread them around town should they choose for others to rehide or keep.

The winners are…..

  • Giorgio’s Pizza Restaurant gift certificate  –  Lane
  • TNT Deli gift certificate  –  Mary Alice
  • A Few of My Favorite Things gift certificate  –  Nichole Sonoski’s niece
  • Wooden Keg gift certificate  –  Lily
  • Region gift certificate #1  –  Mary Opolsky’s grandson
  • Region gift certificate #2  –  Anthony
  • Region design your own burger to be named after you  –  Heather Lackie, by the way Heather was the first one to post she found a rock.
  • Healthy Habits surprise bag #1  –  Emma
  • Healthy Habits surprise bag #2  –  Kathryn
  • Walk Saint Clair! Committee #1 gift certificate to Philly Pretzel  –  Austin
  • Walk Saint Clair! Committee #2 gift certificate to Dunkin Donuts  –  Trinity

We will be in touch with all winners this week so you may receive your prizes.

A grand thank you to all of these businesses that helped us out with prizes.  Your generosity is much appreciated.  Thank you to Saint Clair School District for helping to spread the word.  Thank you also for those that enjoyed the contest and helped to share on Facebook.  You all were such an amazing help

Thanks also to Elizabeth Davis for your time and efforts designing the rocks.


And where is the Pacman ghost and the bee?????  lol!

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