Our Walk Saint Clair! Reflection

2008 –  Walk Saint Clair! was born and we held our first non-season group walk.

2009 –  Our first official season began May 20th and ended September 30th.

2010  –   We decided to challenge our walkers by setting a goal to reach.  Our goals was to walk 551.18 miles to St. Clair, MI.  Our walkers did an incredible 783.22 miles

2011  –  This was the “season” of change.  We expanded our program length and added extra walks.  Our rainy kick-off began on April 16th and ended the season on October 31st with more group walks added.  Our goal this particular year was to walk to Vicksburg, MS for the 150th Anniversary of the start of the Civil War where the USS St. Clair was commissioned and located.  Our goal was 1,137.21 miles and our wonderful walkers did 1,186.57 miles.   The year we also held our very first Christmas walk.

2012  –  We added even more group walks and our goal was now to walk to St. Clair St. In Houston, TX for a total of 1598.14 miles.  We made it by a hair.  Our walkers accomplished 1,599 miles.  This was also the year of our first Shop Local Walk to help promote the local businesses in our town.

2013  –  This year the goal was to walk to St. Clair Rd in Fallon, NV for a total of 2,541.79 miles.  Our walkers were AMAZING for our 5th season.  The walking total was 3,135.9 miles.  This was also the first year for a “super snowy” Christmas Walk.  It snowed and snowed and we still had some brave souls venture out to enjoy the lights and friendship.

2014  –  This year we walked to the Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose, CA.  The mileage via Mapquest is 2,862.87 taking the longest route from our Borough Hall to the hotel.  Our amazing walkers walked a total of 2,881.1 miles.  We also added on an additional month so walkers could now participate through the end of November.

2015  –   This year we had 21 group walks and our 5th Annual Christmas walk.  Our walkers did a terrific job again.  Our goal this year was to “hypothetically” walk to the St. Clair Hotel, Vancouver BC.  The mileage from our Borough Hall to the hotel was via Mapquest’s longest route is 2,870 miles.  By accumulating our walkers’ mileage on group walks and on their own the total came to 3,152.15 miles.

2016  –  This year we had 17 group walks and kept our extended season along with having our annual Christmas walk.  We decided to not have a walking goal this year since we were running out of places with the name of Saint Clair to hypothetically walk to.  lol!

Moving and Walking Forward

This year (2017) we are continuing with our season of mid to late April through the end of November.  We are adding some new walks and keeping some of our oldies but goodies.  Sign up this year for “spur of the moment” walks.  Check back for those or email for info.   With our fresh enthusiasm for our 9th season we’ve redesigned our website.  Hope you all like it and find it much easier to navigate.  In addition, our Facebook page will have videos of some of our walks along with many pictures.