We are continuing with our extended walking season so we can all enjoy the fantastic Fall days in November before winter arrives.  In addition we have added even more group walks!!!  🙂

If you are interested in last minute random group walks, please sign up for those when you register at Borough Hall or if registering by email.  Please provide email addresses and phone numbers so we may contact you.

Please take the time to jot down your miles on the provided log.    This will help us determine if we reached our goal and prizes will be awarded in various categories.  All pre-designed routes have mileage.  We will also have mileage provided for group walks, which you may find at the bottom of the calendar of events page.  If you are not sure how far you walked, we have an average route calculation on  the log, or visit www.mapmywalk.com for a more accurate calculation.

Walking Log 2019