The committee created some walking paths for residents based on walking abilities and interests.  All paths have mileage, give some historical information and some tips for your daily journey.  Click on the path link to download a PDF of the brochure.  If you are having issues downloading, please email walksaintclair@gmail.com for a copy or call 570-429-1161.

Toddler Trek is geared towards young children and their parents or people that have not walked before and want to start out slow.  Additional areas will be added towards this in the future, but for now we focus on the block around the Elementary/Middle School.  It’s a very flat and safe walk.  TODDLER TREK

Mill Creak Meander is also great for beginning to intermediate walkers.  The path takes you along the Mill creek throughout town.  Enjoy your walk as you hear the calming effects of the water moving through town.  MILL CREEK MEANDER

Cemetery Ridge Ramble is definitely a walk with some spunk to it.  Walk to one of the highest and historical points in town.  This walk is for intermediate or experienced walkers.  CEMETERY RIDGE RAMBLE

We will have some more routes available in the future.